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 We reserve our restaurant for private functions

We have an extensive menu for catering available which includes a large selection of appetizers from Italian to International cuisine. Each menu can be customized to our guest's budget and event needs.


Customized menus available at additional costs.


Family dinner available for pick up

LARGE FAMILY DINNER $95.00 full size pan serve 20 or more people

SMALL FAMILY DINNER $55.00 half size pan serve 10 or more people

All dinners served with salad ,dressing and fresh baked bread

1) Homemade Meat Lasagna (Add full pan $70.00 small $ 35.00)
Layer of homemade pasta overlaid with meat sauce and Italian cheeses

2) Baked Cheese Ravioli ( Add full pan $70.00 small $ 35.00)
Cheese ravioli topped with Italian meat-sauce and mozzarella ,baked

3) Spaghetti and Meatballs (Add full pan $70.00 small $35.00)
All American spaghetti with fresh fresh homemade meatballs

4) Fettucine Chicken Alfredo with broccoli (Add full pan $70.00 small $ 35.00)
Grilled diced Chicken breast tossed over Fettucine pasta in Alfredo sauce and broccoli

5) Chicken Parmigiana with spaghetti (large dinner $125.00 small dinner $65.00)
(Add full pan $100.00 small $50.00)
Tender Chicken breast lightly breaded and fried topped with sliced ham ,mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce on a bed of spaghetti

6) Chicken Limone with spaghetti (large dinner $125.00 small dinner $65.00)
(Add full pan $100.00 small $50.00)
Tender Chicken breast butter sautéed in a creamy Lemmon sauce with capers on a bed of spaghetti

Add one quart of homemade soup for $ 8.99

Dinners are pick up only